Voyaging the accessible seas

Ahoy! Let's set sail on the seven seas of accessibility, for us Sca11ywag's appreciate the importance of inclusivity and equal opportunity in our digital treasures.

Accessibility services to navigate treacherous waters

Accessibility consulting services can be your North Star guiding digital products to inclusivity.

Workshops and training available for all your crew. Whether you are looking to learn about more accessible communications, a deep knowledge of accessibility design best practices, or how to steer towards a more accessible culture.

Speaking engagements available for all who want to learn how to set forth on their quest towards accessibility.

Airtable Accessibility Checklist to guide all of the crew

Ensure accessibility is the wind in our sails, guiding us toward fairer horizons for all. This robust checklist will help you and your team navigate through the criteria, understand and identify what is not up to compliance, and display the results in an easy to use dashboard.

Captain Sca11ywag

Nikki Kuhn is a seasoned senior-level accessibility designer with over 15 years of experience in the field. With a strong passion for creating inclusive digital experiences, Nikki has played a pivotal role in enhancing the accessibility of websites, applications, and digital content for numerous organizations.

Accessibility benefits us all, as one day, even the mightiest of us may need a helping hand.

Sca11ywag™️ LLC | 217 Fairview Rd PO Box 97, Woodlyn, PA 19094

Sca11ywag™️ LLC | 217 Fairview Rd PO Box 97, Woodlyn, PA 19094